How to get a 32x ROI on your lead spend!!!

Training Videos

Learn how to use the system step by step to scale your agency at lightspeed!

Weekly Zoom Trainings

Watch are record live zooms we do with Q & A A

Phase 1: Setting up your account

1: Setting up User

2: Compliment SMS: A2P 10DCL

3: Getting the app

4: Setting up the Automations

5: Understanding the Pipelines

Phase 2: Call Back Campaign

1: Start Call Back Campaign

2: Tyler Glennon Answering Call Backs

How to use

1: Uploading leads

2: How to power dial

3: Voicemail Drop

4: Filter who you're calling

5: Buying new numbers

6: Mass Text & Email

Warm Market Automation

1: How to Export contacts - Apple

New Leads Campaign

1: How to start campaign

2: Tyler Glennon How to sell

Old Leads Campaign

1: How to Start Campaign

Replies from Texts

1: Stop

2: Already Have insurance

Connecting Nectar Leads

1: Connect Nectar

2: Connecting Gmail

3: Customizing the Automations


1: 50 States Workflow

2: How to Use Calendar

3: Running Facebook Ads

4: Call Reporting

5: Recruiting

Weekly Zoom Trainings!!!

Week 1 Launch

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Fountain Hills, AZ, 85268